What is Click POS

Bridging the gap between savvy consumers and visionary business owners, our app presents a dual-faceted platform that revolutionizes the buying experience and business management alike.
For end-users, it offers a seamless, intuitive interface to browse, order, and purchase with ease, elevating their shopping journey.
Simultaneously, it provides store and restaurant owners with robust tools to list, manage, and grow their businesses, tapping into a broader market. This interconnected ecosystem fosters a dynamic marketplace, driving unparalleled value for customers while igniting new opportunities for enterprises.

Our story behind our success & achievement

Our story began in a burgeoning digital era, with a singular vision crafted into lines of code within a modest desktop application, engineered with the simplicity and effectiveness of Visual Basic. This was in 2012, a time when our aspirations were profound, albeit encapsulated within the basic frameworks of technology available then. That initial software wasn't just a rudimentary program but the bedrock upon which our empire of innovative digital solutions would be built. The application's inception was a groundbreaking event, not because it boasted high-end graphics or intricate algorithms, but because it offered unparalleled reliability, user-centric design, and practicality that resonated with our users. It simplified operations for businesses and enhanced the user experience in ways that were tangible and immediate. However, as the digital landscape evolved, it beckoned us to evolve with it. Staying relevant meant embracing change, continuous learning, and unrelenting innovation. Thus, we embarked on a transformative journey, expanding our technological horizons and diversifying our portfolio. From a compact team of developers, we grew into an extensive ensemble of various talents, ranging from creative designers to tech aficionados and customer support dynamos, each adding significant value to our collective journey. Eleven years down the line, our once-simple Visual Basic application has morphed into a comprehensive suite of digital solutions, transcending desktops and proliferating across diverse digital platforms. Our most remarkable leap was forging a versatile app catering to both savvy consumers and business moguls, particularly store and restaurant owners. This wasn't just a step up; it was a complete overhaul of traditional user-purchasing pathways and business management methodologies. Today, our application is a testament to technological advancement, having been re-engineered with the most modern programming languages and tools such as JavaScript and Node.js, fortified with the robust management and reliability of Microsoft SQL Server, and harmoniously integrated with the expansive services of AWS. Furthermore, we've ventured into the realm of mobile applications, crafting native experiences that maintain the essence of user convenience and accessibility. Our journey is not solely about a company's growth but highlights our unwavering commitment to adopting advanced technologies, continuous learning, and the persistent pursuit of innovation. As we mark our 11th anniversary, we reflect on our milestones, the challenges surmounted, and the triumphs celebrated, acknowledging their role in molding our identity. Yet, we don't dwell on the past; our gaze is fixed on the future, teeming with opportunities for further innovation, expansion, and reinvention. From our origins in Visual Basic to our current state-of-the-art tech stack, our journey epitomizes the transformative power of technology, the critical nature of adaptability, and the limitless potential unleashed when visionary zeal is coupled with unyielding resolve. As we forge ahead, we're geared for more decades of pioneering, cultivating, and revolutionizing the digital world, continuing to innovate one solution at a time.

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Our app is designed to be a catalyst for business growth and efficiency. By providing a platform where you can list and manage your products or services, it enhances visibility to a broader audience of potential customers. The app also streamlines order processing, customer interaction, and feedback collection, helping you understand and serve your market better. With its intuitive interface, it simplifies business management, saving you time and resources that can be better invested in scaling your operations.

Subscribing to our premium package unlocks a world of elite support for your business. This includes priority customer service, meaning you'll get the fastest response for any queries or issues you encounter. Additionally, you'll have access to dedicated account management, regular check-ins from our support team, and exclusive training materials and webinars to help you maximize the app’s capabilities. Our premium package is designed to provide a seamless, uninterrupted experience with the app.

Absolutely, we believe in continuous improvement and we want our users to benefit from the latest features and security enhancements. All app updates are provided at no extra cost to active subscribers. Whenever there’s a new update, your app will be automatically updated, or you’ll be notified to update the app from your respective app store, ensuring you're always experiencing the best version of our services.

Setting up your account is a straightforward process. First, download the app from your respective app store and install it. Upon opening the app, you'll be prompted to sign up using your business email or connect with a social media account. Then, follow the setup wizard to add essential business information, upload product or service details, and configure payment settings. And voila, your business is now poised to thrive on our platform!

Transparency is one of our core principles. There are no hidden costs when using our app. The subscription plans are all-encompassing, and any additional features or services are clearly indicated. You pay for the plan that suits your business needs, and we ensure you get the value promised without any undisclosed charges.

We strive for your complete satisfaction, but we understand there might be instances where you feel a refund is necessary. In such cases, you can initiate the refund process by contacting our customer support team through the app or via our official website. After providing necessary information and reason for the request, your case will be reviewed. If your request meets the criteria outlined in our refund policy, a refund will be processed within a certain number of business days, depending on your original payment method.

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Our app is available for Android & iOS

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